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[Diamonds and GOALD!] Minecraft 4 MineTest V5.

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Download V4: Fonts and MODS!



Minetoon- by Gambit

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Still working out the tools, player, and mobs, so expect those later. So far I’ll hand out the rest of the texture.

Now for snapshots of the textures in action. Some of the blocks in display.
0.4 Pack


TRON by- DeathDealer / Jordach

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in the digital fronteer of minetest two users get on the same server and contribute to make a world of perfection. in doing so have released a virus on the system, you have been enlisted in fighting it as a “user” of this world. being a user gives you special powers on the grid like “block reallocting” and “file creation” witch will help you on your journey making power discs and Mini-clusters with”advanced materializing station”, will be your primary concern, fight the virus as it ruthlessly corrupts the system trying to make a perfect world, defend the system while building your digital empire.
Master the grid and become the perfect User.

link to V0.2
(relinked with client textures)


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