Crafting Guide

This page is outdated! Please see the Crafting page on the Minetest Wiki for a complete list of crating recipes.

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Wood Planks- Tree



Sticks- Wooden Plank


Torches- Coal ore, Stick


Chest- 8x Wooden Planks


Locked Chest-8x Wooden Plank, Steel Ingot


Furnace- 8x Cobble



Pickaxes- Steel,Mese,Wood,Cobble, 2x Stick


Shovels- Steel,Mese,Wood,Cobble, 2x Stick


Axes- Steel,Mese,Wood,Cobble 2x Stick


Swords- Steel,Mese,Wood,Cobble, Stick



Paper- 3x Papyrus


Book- 3x Paper


Bookcase- 3x Book, 6x Wooden Plank


Ladder- 7x Stick


Fence- 6x Stick


Sign- x6 Wooden Plank, Stick


Rail- 6x Steel Ingot, 3x Stick


Clay Block- 4x Clay Igot


Sandstone-4x Sand


Bricks- 4x Brick


Iron Block- 9x Steel Ingot


Iron Apple- Apple, 4x Steel Ingot


Bucket- 3x Steel Ingot


Cooking with the Furnace


Furnace Fuels


Coal- Fuel, Wood


Glass- Fuel, Sand


Stone- Fuel, Cobble


Brick- Fuel, Clay Ingot


Steel Ingot- Fuel, Iron Ingot


Cooked Rat- Fuel, Rat Crafting with Mods Oil Pump- 3x Steel Ingot, Bucket, Stick


   Crafting with Mods

Sfan5 Oil mod

Oil Pump- 3x Steel Ingot, Bucket, Stick

Oil Pipe- 6x Cobble

Refinery- 4x Steel Ingot,2x Stick,2x Bucket, Mese


Rabbibob’s Bob Blocks

Red Light Stone-Bricks, Torch, Glass


Blue Light Stone- Gravel, Torch, Glass


Yellow Light Stone- Sand, Torch, Glass


White Light Stone- Dirt, Torch, Glass


Grey light Stone- Stone, Torch, Glass


Orange Light Stone- Red Light Stone, Yellow Light Stone


Green Light Stone-Blue Light Stone, Yellow Light Stone


Purple Light Stone-Blue Light Stone, Red Light Stone


Indigo Light Stone-Red Light Stone, Blue Light Stone, White Light Stone


Red Light Stick-Red Light Stone, Stick


Blue Light Stick-Blue Light Stone, Stick


Yellow Light Stick- Yellow Light Stone, Stick


White Light Stick- White Light Stone, Stick


Grey Light Stick- Grey Light Stone, Stick


Orange Light Stick- Orange Light Stone, Stick

Green Light Stick-Green Light Stone, Stick


Purple Light Stick- Purple Light Stone, Stick


Indigo Light Stick- Indigo Block, Stick


 Sdzen’s Building Blocks

Wood Framed Glass-Wood, Glass


Roofing- x6 Sand

Marble- x5 stone, x4 Tar

Hardwood- 4x Wooden Planks

Fireplace- 2x Steel Ingot, Faggo

Fake Grass- Jungle Grass, Dirt

Crates- Steel Ingot, Glass




Jeija’s Mesecons

Mescon- Mese

Power Plant- 2x "Wire", Junglegrass

Blinky Plant- 2x "Wire", 3x Junglegrass

Switch- 2x "Wire", 2x Steel ingot, Stone Block

Water Turbine- Steel Ingot, 4x Stick

Meselamp- 2x Glass Block, 2x "Wire" , Steel Ingot

Movestone- 6x Stone Block, 3x "Wire"

Glue- 4x Jungle grass

Sticky Movestone- Movestone, 2x Glue

Remove Stone- 4x Stone Block, "Wire"

Silicon- 3x Sand, Steel Ingot

Solar Panel- 4x Silicon

IC(integrated Circuits)-4x Silicon, 4x "Wire"

Transmitter- IC, 2x "Wire", 2x Steel Ingot

Receivers- IC, 2x "Wire"

Inverter- 2x IC's, 2x "Wire", Steel Ingot

Piston- 4x Cobble, Steel Ingot, 3x Wood, "Wire"

Sticky Piston- Piston, Glue

Object Detctor- 6x Steel Block, IC, "Wire"

Pressure Plate (Stone)- 2x Stone Block

Pressure Plate (Wood)- 2x Wooden Planks

Mesecon Torch(inverter)- Stick, "Wire"