bcnjr5 Server

This is bcnjr5’s public 12/7 minetest server.

IP: PORT: 30000

Status:Status Image


  • Version: strict_protocol_checking is false.
  • Reliability: Good
  • Map Lifespan: Frequently backed up.
  • Privileges: shout, interact, go, fast

If you have a public minetest server you would like me to add please contact me with the information.

bcnjr5 Server, 4.4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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Rating: 4.4/5 (8 votes cast)
  • Max

    For some reason, I can not connect to the server. Nothing happens, nothing loads, all it says is ”Connecting to server…”. Can you please do us all a favor and fix it, instead of just leaving our favorite server down all of the time? THANK YOU.

  • Mike5703

    Do not connect to the servers. Please fix this.

  • lazyretard

    it says status offline people

    • Guest

      How can you connect to a server?

  • gabe

    i tried to go the server but it wont work wats wrong?!!!

  • Guest

    Bcnjr5 i can’t connect to your server because it won’t let me

  • Guest

    me too. i tried to connect to your server and wont work, so what’s wrong with it???!!!

  • Teodrosdaking

    I don’t want to be the alone person to a server. I can’t seem to get to other servers, it always times out.

    • eythen

      This might be a common problem … we also have noticed that people gets dropped even if they are connected through …. there is something which needs really repaired before providing a server for more players to the public.

  • Juan Carlos Alias Charly

    why doesnt anybody make a server to play?

  • maliks awesome

    to go on my one put random into the name/password box

  • maliks awesome

    me to

  • maliks awesome

    i have a lot of mods

  • maliks awesome

    name/password random ip is 30000