Getting Started in Minetest

Here’s a quick video I made for people just getting started playing minetest:

Still need help? Go here:

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  • Fredioz


  • supernova122

    on minetest 0.3.1 i did the same commands and it said invaled command/give help me

  • supernova122

    i dont think commands work later then minetest 0.4 ex.0.3.1 0.3.2 0.4.0 0.4.1

  • Clone1625

    I cant even download the game! Does anyone know where there is a Windows download that has multiplayer? The only one I could get dose not, but has an option to make a server.

    • Josh

      Don’t bother with c55 then. I only use it because no other version is compatible with OS X (I think). Click on the link below and you can get the newest version that does have multiplayer. I have that on my Windows computer.

      • Clone1625

        I don’t trust people that seem dumb enough to use their name, even their first name as their username.