ecube Server

IP: or PORT: 30000


  • Version: Latest. Download latest here.
  • Reliability: Okay; should be up 24/7, but will go down occasionally
  • Map Lifespan: Persistent when possible.
  • Privileges: Everybody can build and talk. Ask for more privileges on IRC (Admin is ‘ecube’ on
  • Installed mods: TNT, bobblocks
  • Texture pack: Default for minimized lag

If you have a public minetest server you would like me to add please contact me with the information.

ecube Server, 3.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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Rating: 3.9/5 (11 votes cast)
  • Thomastbp1

    hey this is noob and um i thik ur server crashed cuz of lilly…. that lil nub hole making loads of flipin accounts…

  • Max

    Apparently, the server is down…I can not log on or do anything, and it is getting really frustrating. I spent a lot of time making buildings for a city in the game, and I don’t want all of my progress to be removed.

    • Max

      CORRECTION: My network wasn’t online, and the service provider went down. Their servers are on a 3g network, but I use a 4g adapter, and that makes it mess up a lot.

  • ACDC1

    Hey im ACDC, i was playing pretty well yesterday, but now i cant login normally i need to use a proxy to connect, And its really slow, can you fix this, i was building something, thanks in advanced

  • Mezoflysky2

    When i want to load in the server the media thingy stays at 44% it dosent move

    • Thomastbp1

      it gets to 18 for me

      • Max

        It’s just that there’s so much awesomeness, it takes a long time to load it all. Just wait about 5 to 10 more minutes and it will load the rest of the awesomeness.

  • Thomastbp1

    ecube your stupid mods banned me for destroying some of bc’s bunker and bc getting mad and yelling they are very very bad mods…… they suck….

    • Max

      We all know that you are the LanDMinE, who did a lot of bad to Glue City, and the surrounding suburbs and rural areas. Yopu have been banned for that, and you deserve it. In fact, griefing is enough of a cause to ban you, and we are not stupid.

      • Thomastbp1

        yah totally landmine uh huh…. no im noob you asshole… ecube stop being selfish and do a map clear…. im guna try and crash the server and fix it that way but it might not fix it…… so please when u get on do a flippin map clear…. and landmine ruined glue city?

        • Thomastbp1

          also landmine was banned before i did that…..

  • Thomastbp1

    ecube do a fliping map clear i get on and my client crashes i cant do anything!!!!!! ill be posting on irc in a bit too

  • ecube

    uhh… probably should change server reliability to “okay” until I resolve a few issues

    • Saxony

      Done, just let me know if you ever want it changed back 🙂

      • ecube

        Thanks 🙂

  • Dean Rodriguez

    How do i join the server?

    • ecube

      You click on the “Multiplayer” tab in the main menu in Minetest, then you put the address of the server into the big box in the address/port fields, put the port (30000) into the port box, and put your name and password in the upper boxes.

  • Daemon Andrew Tsui

    I would like to request some privs on your minetest server please. My username is Daemon, and I have a password. Thanks in advance, and I like your server!

    • twistedtester

      me 2 my username is nate94 and i also have a pass

  • Jemelfanfan

    what r u supposed to do?

  • gal

    can anyone geuss who i am

  • Captainfap841

    ecube did you change the game version couse i cant get on any more

  • Yuan

    whenever i try to connect to the server it just keeps saying connecting to server and the game never starts!HELP!

  • ecube

    WARNING: Address changed (only works now)
    Also, I removed TNT and added a few other mods that I would really not like to list here

    • twistedtester

      i can’t build i have a username and password but can’t interact >< plz help

  • Captainfap841

    ecube not even works for me


    how do i tern the server relibility to “okay”

  • Aqua

    wats the username and password?

  • Bailey1

    ecube why did i lose my privs? some one wrote bad things on my sign

  • Damjan

    What is the password?

  • Teodrosdaking

    When I go on it connects but no land is shown, only the clouds. I can move and all that but I can’t see anything.

  • lazlo37

    im a noob and i dont know how to play online can someone tell

    • swiftnova696969

      same here did you figure out how??

  • swiftnova696969

    i need help joining im new and i have no idea how to join seevers 🙁

  • swiftnova696969

    how do i join severs im lost

  • swiftnova696969

    how do i join a sever im a starter